3400xt Wood Hog是Morbark为全球观众建造的第一台机器

The 3400XT Wood Hog horizontal grinder is a mid-range machine introduced earlier this year. It is ideal for the primary reduction and regrind of wood fibre.

He credits the machine’s price point, weight of 32,613 kg and availability to Europe as the reason behind its success. 
“We do follow a lot of trends and we could see this was coming,” Miller told Equipment Journal during the废物和回收世博会加拿大在尼亚加拉瀑布于10月25日和26日在ScotiaBank会议中心。
“The width of this machine is legal in Europe. We built this machine to be sold around the world. It’s the first time we took this approach.”

“Land clearers, they just want to get the product smaller, they don’t see value in it. Then there’s guys that see value in the product,” Miller said. 
“These are popular machines for mulch producers, or maybe someone that makes compost.”




为了保护研磨机免受损坏和污染物,Morbark将3400xt配备了3400xt与布鲁尔扭矩限制器 - 首先用于水平研磨工业。


“That anvil takes a lot of impact as the hammers strike. Bolts have a tendency to wear or break,” Miller said. “When that happens, that primary piece of metal may all of a sudden drop into your machine.”


As the engine feels more load, its will slow down, allowing a chance for it to recover.


“Rather than send the material in at one speed, back it off and go at it again, we’ll actually modulate that speed and slow it down.”




木头猪配有675 HP Cat引擎。同样,该机器可在电动版中提供。
The machine is also available with a tracked, wheeled or stationary configuration, and the undercarriage is available from Cat or Strickland. 
Under the hopper, the Wood hog is also equipped with a removable subfloor.


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